Creation and Process

Creation and Process

Modern technology allows us to take your sketch and work it either by hand or with computer aided design to make a maquette (a small scale model) for your evaluation.

Once approved, a full size sculpture is made either as a wax or as a 3D printed resin.

The result can either be cast or encapsulated in metal using electroforming.

The casting or electroform can be finished to almost perfection and then patinated, polished and/or electroplated in silver, nickel, rose gold or yellow gold.

Using casting, BJS Gold can make, finish and yellow gold plate sculptures up to 10 cubic metres in size.

The maximum size for 3D printed works is 1 metre by 500mm by 500mm, although of course components can be printed and joined together to form larger items, which can be electroformed finished and plated as required.