Gold Plating

Gold Plating

BJS operates the largest gold plating facility in the world, with a capacity to gold plate items of up to 10 cubic metres in size.

Always in the forefront of innovation, BJS uniquely deposit a slightly alloyed gold (98.75% / 23.7ct), known as Hard Gold Plate directly onto stainless steel and as only inert metals are present, there is far less possibility of corrosion cells forming in the future. This ensures that the timeless beauty of the gold will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Additionally, BJS has conventional Hard Gold Plating solutions that will deposit on to carated golds to give a better/more uniform coloured gold, as well as on to silver, nickel, nickel silver and copper based alloys e.g. brass and bronze.

Under electrical impulse, gold is converted from a dissolved complex gold salt in water, to a measurable, consistent thickness of gold on the stainless steel. Using computer control of both the electrical current and plating time, the weight and thickness of the gold are accurately deposited.

Design possibilities are endless and you can relax in the knowledge that all BJS’s work is manufactured to the very highest possible quality and can be marked with the company’s unique Royal Warrant, showing its origin, quality and exclusivity.