Finishing and Polishing


Raw castings or electroforms always require finishing. This accurate hand work performed by our in-house team of craftsmen will include piercing, filing, papering, assembling, electroplating and finally finishing, which can be either to a satin or polished finish.
With years of experience our silversmithing and polishing teams will work with you to determine exactly the final finish you require and then using skills and state of the art equipment, the process begins. Inspected at every stage both by the craftsmen and our quality assurance team, you can be sure that the final finish will be exactly as you need to sell your products in today’s competitive market.


Polishing is either the very final finishing process or is carried out just prior to the surface metal being plated on to the polished substrate. Whilst it seems simple, polishing is one of the hardest processes to get right and uses the time and skills of time served craftsmen going through grades of paper from coarse to fine and then through polishes offered on to finer and softer mops to achieve the final, perfect mirrored surface.