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For Artists and Designers

Specialising in the very highest quality Hard Gold Plating, BJS Gold is able to plate:

  • items up to 10 cubic metres in size
  • directly onto 316 and 304 Stainless Steels
  • up to 10 microns thick gold
BJS works with sculptors, artists, designers and foundries, complimenting their artistry with over 70 years of manufacturing skills and knowledge.
Although BJS Gold will of course happily Hard Gold Plate free issued items the company is happy to:
  • advise at the initial conceptual phase on the most appropriate manufacturing techniques
  • coordinate component part manufacture
  • construct and structurally build up art forms
  • skilfully hand and machine polish and finish the surface to client specification
  • accurately Hard Gold Plated under computer control.
BJS Gold’s mission is to make golden art forms that are truly stunning and show the wonderful combination of great design and true craftsmanship.