Conservation Polish

Conservation Polish

BJS Gold’s Conservation Polish has been specially designed to enhance and conserve your precious metal artwork.

The polish uses the protective properties of organic, long chain molecules that have been specifically designed to protect the surface from air-borne pollutants and moisture.

Its main use is for gold and silver artworks, but it will protect most metallic surfaces. For non-gold and silver artworks, always test on a small unseen area before applying to the whole artwork.

To use, simple spray on as a fine mist and wipe off with a new, ultra-soft microfibre cloth. The result is a rich, deep lustre, that increases with the first application and is maintained with regular use.

BJS Gold sells packs of 2 ultra-soft microfibre cloths, bottles of Conservation Polish and a combined pack of 2 ultra-soft microfibre cloths with a bottle of Conservation Polish.

Please call BJS Gold to discuss the conservation of your artwork and to place your order on: +44 (0)208 810 5779.

Order Codes SKU #

2 Microfibre Cloths MFC001

Conservation Polish 500ml CPL001

Conservation Polish & 2 Microfibre Cloths CPM001